Mathematics – The Reality of Life at Home and in Politics

Whether or not we like math, the reality is it controls our life. At home, we have a budget with the final balance each month determined by subtracting our expenditures against our income. Likewise, businesses operate on a budget and typically those best managing their assets are the ones that succeed. Poor management leads to bankruptcies and business closures.… Read More

The Deborah Ross Liability for NC Democrats

While the press is consumed with speculation about Donald Trump and the impact on US Senate races, including the presumed impact in North Carolina, they are choosing to ignore the problems US Senate candidate Deborah Ross poses for Hillary Clinton and other North Carolina Democrats.… Read More

Meet the ‘Data Guy’ Behind North Carolina Republicans

The Sunday before Labor Day 2014, ahead of North Carolina’s competitive Senate race, GOP consultant Paul Shumaker took a break from debate prep with his client, Thom Tillis, to sit down for lunch. A new poll had just come out showing Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan leading by several points, and Shumaker had already gone through the cross tabs. “You need to know that overall, we’re probably — worst case scenario — dead even,” Shumaker recalled telling Tillis.… Read More

The “New” Old North State: By The Numbers

As North Carolina’s political landscape rapidly changes and statewide elections become more competitive, news organizations, polling firms and partisan groups increasingly flood the political information chain with poll after poll.… Read More